Czech pork-snitzel with wild mushrooms

Note: This is “authentic Czech household food” from a lady who moved to Iceland from there some years ago. They would always use pork for it.


Pork-snitzel with wild mushrooms
(serves four – the meal is decorated with parsley)
1 bag dried mushrooms (you can also use fresh mushrooms, and use whichever kind of mushrooms you like)
4 pieces pork-snitzel (or thinly-cut meat intended for snitzel)
flour for breading
6 slices of bacon (cut into pieces)
1 onion (finely chopped)
1 T tomato purée

Method: (Go here to see the video, don’t worry, most of the talking is unrelated to the instructions)

Soak the dried mushrooms in water for about ten minutes (skip this step if using fresh mushrooms). [0:38]
Lightly roll (cover) the meat in flour, don’t use too much flour, and use flour instead of breadcrumbs or the Icelandic type of breading.[1:14]
Fry the bacon on a pan. [2:19]
Mix the onion pieces in and fry them until the onion becomes transparent.[2:33]
Add the tomato purée in and fry it for a little while.[3:10]
Pour a little water into the pan and let the tomato purée dissolve into it.[3:12]
Add in the mushrooms and some red wine.[3:20]
Boil it on low heat for 5 min.[3:40]
Fry the meat on a pan in oil.[3:50]
Put the lemon juice into the mushroom pan.[4:20] (note: I don’t know if shes using a ton of straight lemon juice, or lemon juice and water, or something more like flat lemon soda, but straight lemon juice is really cheap in Iceland so it’s possible)
(you can put a little salt in it at this point)
Add in a little water and the meat and let it simmer for 35-40 min.[4:27]