Esperanto-Nordic cognates

Words that look the same, or are the same, in Esperanto and the Nordic-Germanic languages. The Esperanto endings have been cut off to show their true closer similarity. Of course this isn’t a complete list. Sometimes I didn’t bother listing which Germanic-Nordic languages the words are similar to. First, true friends:

flug(i) – to fly (ex. flugplats in swedish, but false friend in icelandic where it means “a fly (insect)”)
sun – a sun
viol – violet
ĝarden – garden, a trädgård
en – in
freŝ – fresh, recent
roz – rose
blu – blue
brun – brown
oranĝ – orange (colour)
skrib – to write
ŝton – a stone
frukt – fruit
persik – a peach
feri – vacation (á feriu in Faroese)
roman – a novel (in Swedish)
suker – sugar
ŝpar – to spare (as in, to be frugal, to save money – sparpengar)
ŝtrump – a stocking (Pippi Långstrump)
ŝuld – to owe, to be indebted (skuld)
te – tea
adjektiv – an adjective (swedish)
arm – an arm
aventur – adventure
bud – booth, shop, kiosk (búð in Icelandic)
recept – formula, prescription, recipe
kovert – envelope (konvolut)
fru(a) – early. as in frukost
kar(a) – dear, beloved
skrap – to scratch, scrape (skrapa)
krem – cream (grädde, krem)
pore(o) – leek (purjo)
kirk(o) – church
rand – edge, boarder
kirurgi – surgery
keks – biscuit, cracker (kex)
verk – to write, compose, create, etc. though it’s also a false friend in that it doesn’t mean “a job (IS)” or “an ache (SV)”.
klar – clear, distinct
hund – hound, dog
tri – three
ses – six (seks)
land – country, land
paper – paper (swedish)
tag – day (dag)
glas – a drinking-glass
katalog – catalogue (swedish)
klozet – toilet, water closet (klósett in icelandic)
purpura – purple (purpura in IS)
vintr – winter (vetra, vinter, etc.)
sup – soup (as in soppa, etc. – but not súpa, to take a drink)
mag(i) – magic (in swedish)
traf – meet (träffa in swedish)
trol – a troll
bus – a buss
mus – a mouse
rat – a rat (råtta in swedish)
jul – yule, christmas
saga – a saga (wtf why does this word exist in esperanto? why not simply say “story”, because that’s what it means….)
vin – wine
vinber – grape (same with “ber” meaning just berry)
varm – warm
natur – nature
ĉirkaŭ – circa (cirka)
numer – numeral (nummer in swedish)
fiŝ – fish (fisk)
fenestr – window (fönster in swedish)
fjord – a fjord
telefon – a telephone (in swedish)
fingr – a finger
ŝink – ham (skinka)
sin, sina – reflexive pronoun (sig, sin, sína etc.)
kontant – cash, physical money (swedish)
ŝok – a shock, a state of shock (swedish)
kroĉ – hook, attach (krók in Icelandic)
melis – balm, as in the plant (ex. citronmeliss in swedish)
slojd – obviously taken from “slöjd” in Swedish (woodcarving, small handicrafts, etc.)
falk – falcon (fálki in icelandic)
strek – a streak, line (in Swedish at least)
kork – cork (kork in Swe)
kalk – lime (the mineral – kalk in Swe)
jod – iodine (jod in Swe)
frost – frost
kolport – “peddle” (“kolaport” in Reykjavík is synonymous with “flea market”)

False friends:
simi – an ape/monkey (not sími, a telephone)
vi – you, not “we”
ni – we, not “you” (swedish)
bord – riverbank, a shore (not a table)
akr(a) – sharp (not åkrar, fields)
lund – monday (not lundi, puffin)
tim(i) – to fear (not timi, time, hour)
ating(i) – to attain, to reach (not altingi / alþingi, parliment)
far – to do, to make (not far, father, or fara, danger/travel)
tajp – to type (not tejp, tape)
art – art (not species, sort)
vik – Wicca (not vík, bay)
kis(i) – to kiss (not kiss, piss, or kisi, cat)
ŝnur – a rope, string, cord (not snurr, a spin/twist)
tork (a handkerchief, piece of cloth – not as in torka, dry)
tus(i) – to cough (not tosi, toilet)
stult – stupid, foolish (not stolt, proud)
traf(i) – to hit, strike, run across (not träffa, to meet)
vant(a) – frivolous, vain (not mitten)
vek – awake, to wake someone (not “feeble, wussy”)
fik(a) – fuck(ed), not a coffee break (swedish)
ŝaŭm – froth, foam (not sauma, a seam, sewing – icelandic)
sang – blood (not säng, bed)
ŝanĝ – exchange (again, not säng, bed)
tend – a tent (not tänd, a tooth, or tända, to light/turn on something)
du – two (not you – swedish)
korv – a raven (not sausage – swedish)
pint – a peak of a mountain etc (not “pynt” – a decoration, ornament in swedish)