Faroese fishball recipe







From Oyggjarnar, May 18th, 1905. Fetched from Timarit.is as usual. (I don’t have a Faroese dictionary so some words I couldn’t translate well):

Inexpensive and tasty fishballs for the household

Chop the fish well and for a long time with tallow and salt, then mix it with fresh milk (whole milk) for 20—25 minutes, add the milk in little by little, so “the mincemeat” is as thick as Christmas cookie dough. Place the balls out into a boiling solution, with a silver spoon or tin spoon. The spoon may be dipped into the solution in-between every trip, so that the balls can become nice-looking and round.

“Sauce” for the balls: Put out butter, with plenty of chopped onion, salt, crushed muscat and a tiny bit of flour, thin it up with fish broth (the leftover water from boiling fish) so “the sauce” is like thin [avsia – ???] oat-soup, and put a little of something sour and sweet in. Then strew it over the balls and have potatoes, wheat-bread or both things as a side-dish.

A finer “sauce” for fishballs would be made in about the same way, but without onion, and then one fetches: capers, lemon juice and white wine, and thicken “the sauce” with 1-2 egg yolks.