Note: Choppy translations as always.

Vísir, 28th February 1936:
Dear Mrs.*
Now when it’s so well into the season that one may find inexpensive oranges, you should use the opportunity and treat your family to them. The following is a good recipe for congealant (hlaup) out of this type of fruit.

3 oranges.
3 eggs.
4 T sugar.
3 sheets gelatin.

The egg yolks are mixed in well with the sugar. Next is to squeeze the juice out of the oranges and mix it into the egg yolk and sugar mixture. The egg whites are whipped until stiff and set aside to rest, along with the gelatin, which has been dissolved into one tablespoon of water. — Keep it in a glass bowl and let it stiffen up.

This is a sufficient dessert for three.

The dish is delicious and it will go over well with your* household. It is also practical and appetising for the ill.

* I was previously unaware that Mrs. is short for “Mistress”, but in light of the modern meaning of “mistress”, I think it’s best to use Mrs. instead.
* your – yðar, “honorific form of your”.

———————– More to come.