Icelandic Bun Day Buns

Note: This makes about 40 buns. SCALE BACK THE RECIPE accordingly.
Original recipe is here.

If you need photo instructions, Danish ones are here.

(yeastless version of) Bun Day Buns (“Choux pastry” buns)
Raw Materials (“Ingredients”):
225g margarine
225g flour
6 eggs
4.5dl water
3t sugar

Boil the water, margarine, and sugar together in a pot. Stir in the flour, let the water boil until it doesn’t stick to the pot or (wooden?) mixing spoon.

One-by-one add the eggs in with the dough after it’s cooled a little.

It’s good to use a mixer/electric mixer/mixing machine to mix the eggs in with the dough and knead it. (Now form them into balls and put them on your greased cookie sheet or baking paper.)

Next bake them in the oven on the upper shelf at 225°C for 15min and then at 175°C for ten minutes. You may not open the oven meanwhile.

(Note: Then cut the buns in half and fill with whipped cream, maybe fruit pieces and other such things too, and top with melted chocolate and possibly powdered sugar. Google “Bolludagur – Bun Day” or “Bolludagsbolla – Bun Day Bun” or “Vatnsdeigsbollur – lit. “water-dough-buns” but means “choux pastry bun” to see some photos of Icelandic-style buns that you can copy.)