Icelandic Writing Rules 1929

The following are multiple texts translated out of order from “Ritreglur / Writing Rules” by Freystein Gunnarsson, from 1929. This is from before the spelling reform that turned z’s into s’s in Icelandic, although they still write gjörmynd instead of germynd.

The Icelandic text was written using old rules for comma usage as well as some old vocabulary and phrasing. As such it was more difficult for me to translate as usually I translate modern text. In the most difficult parts, due to things like conflicting meanings being found when I looked up words (ex. usage in the text/old meaning versus modern meaning) or confusion on my part, and also in some parts due to the reader likely being more familiar with the Icelandic terms than the English, I have left the original Icelandic in. I have also taken various measures to make it easier to read, as the original was basically walls of text.


Part 37: When to spell with z vs s

45: when to hyphenate, 46: when to capitalize, 47: abbreviations, 48: figures vs. spelling out numbers

5: é, 41: spelling variants and old forms of spelling