New Year’s confectionary

New Year’s confectionary – simple and delicious

400g Odense premade ‪kransekake‬ (“wreath cake”) dough (“Odense Færdig Kransekagemasse”)
200g Odense dessert-mass with pistachio (“Odense Dessertmasse med pistaciesmag” – a pre-prepared mix of things intended for edible dessert decorations)
Odense white and dark chocolate chips for decorational lines (“Odense overtræk”)
Minced nuts

Spread the kransekake dough onto baking paper and do so in varying shapes,  ex. hearts, wreathes, or whatever suits your fancy. Sprinkle with minced nuts and the dessert-mass. Bake the confectionary on two baking sheets at 220°C until they’re golden (about 6-7 min). Let cool and decorate with lines of dark and white chocolate.