Magnifying sheet reviews

I bought some magnifying sheets to help me with reading books and ingredients labels and things – off Ebay because Swedish stores stock with zero variety – and tested them out. All three are 3x magification (you can’t go higher unless you want binoculars, cameras or tiny tiny things meant for jewellers). I have about -9 sight in one eye and -11 in the other, in other words by normal people’s standards I’m almost blind. I CAN read normal books and papers but only if I stick them extremely close to my face, everyone can tell I see badly and my arms, hands or neck end up hurting. 12pt font is hard to read but I CAN read it (if it were up to me, I’d have 16pt font at the minimum). Frankly it’s becoming more and more common that everyone, online and offline, use smaller and smaller fonts – for example, on ingredients lists – and I got fed up with it.

The sizes I got were: “full page” (24,5 x 17 cm – a little smaller than half of one page from the newspaper), a medium-sized one that the description said was approximately 18 x 12cm (it’s really 18 x 11,5) and meant for reading books and newspapers, and a “bookmark” one that’s 19 x 6,5 and has a ruler on the edges. I bought them from spmart on Ebay, the total cost was AUD $12.42 including shipping and they arrived to Sweden after 4 weeks.

Before buying I was worried about two things, the first being that they wouldn’t magnify enough and the second being that they would be so thin and flimsy that they’d immediately get bent out of shape and become useless. Actually, they magnify much better than photos (including the seller’s photos) can show because the camera simply can’t focus well on this kind of thing, and they don’t bend as badly or easily as they seem like they wuld either.

Size comparisions:
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