Vintage Sweden

All these photos I took myself. This first set is mostly from the Nordic Museum in the Stockholm area, from sometime in 2013 I believe.

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These are from “Mitt Uppsala / My Uppsala”, by Natur och Kultur Stockholm (Roland Hentzel), 1965. Bought for 300 crowns at the Nordic House library in Reykjavík, Iceland.

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Assistent Original premiered in 1940 and still delivers in both function and looks. It mixes, grinds, kneads, grates, whisks and presses! Different attachments can be bought for it and there is a five year guarantee on the strong motor.
About 5.495 crowns, Ankarsrum (place you can get it).”

“Assistent” is assistant in Swedish, but original is not the same, so it could be they either mixed Swedish and English for the product name or they took it from another language where both are spelt such as this.


“The house-mother’s book: Escoffier’s big cookbook”, Swedish edition, from 1927. This book was given out in December/January to subscribers of “The house-mother” magazine, but you could also order it specially if you also signed up for a subscription for the magazine that would start in 1928. The photos are from a copy we have at our house.

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